Gov. Bill Lee signed Executive Order 23 Thursday

This order reinforces the previous executive order and instead of strongly urging Tennesseans to stay at home unless absolutely necessary, he mandated it.

What that means is, if you don’t have to be out and about, don’t go out.

Here are somethings that are allowed:
Go to work if you are a necessary employee
Go to the grocery store, convenience store, or warehouse store to get necessary items. You should limit the members of the family going with you if possible, and stay six feet away from other people.
Go to necessary doctor appointments and to the pharmacy to pick up medication or other healthcare necessities
Care for family members, a friend or pet in another household if needed
Pickup takeout or delivery food
Get outside and take a walk, bike ride, play golf, and other recreational activities where you can still maintain a safe social distance of six feet from another person.
Take a drive or ride in a vehicle.
Walk your pet or take them to the veterinarian
Get deliveries from any business that delivers
Attend a wedding or funeral as long as safe social distance is maintained, though it strongly encouraged to postpone if possible.
Hunting, boating and fishing, according to TWRA, as long as you maintain safe social distance.